Abia warriors coach Willy Ndube has expressed strong concern about the imminent effects the current break will have on players in the league as he fears players returning and looking out of shape because of the inability to train as a group and as a team due to the corona virus pandemic and directive to stay home.
Ndube speaking in a chat with www brila.netsaid there is a big difference having players train under supervision and players training on their own no matter the programs handed to players to ensure they keep fit.
He added that there will be variation in players response and attitude to training once they are on their own compared to when they are together as a team.
“It’s a big negative because if your players are not under strict surveillance by a coach no matter the kind of training programs you give to them, they might not fulfil it to the letter.
But if you’re there you supervise, you direct, you correct then they will be under a kind of pressure to give their best.  But if they’re on their own, when they train for 30 minutes, it will be as if they have trained for two hours.”

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