Oni Jimoh Engages Long Time Girlfriend

Credit: Totorinews

A step in the right direction towards fulfilment in marital vow was taken by Jimoh Oni of Abia Warriors when he engaged his girlfriend on Saturday in Abuja, totorinews reports exclusively.

Oni, who is in a loving relationship with his sweetheart for about three year revealed that it began when his team went for a game at Uyo and it was at the city that a spark of love was ignited into his heart when he fell in love with his girlfriend.

He informed that they were just normal friends that grew up in the same neighbourhood in Kubwa as kids, but when he saw her again in Uyo, it was a different person entirely that has grown into a beautiful woman and he fell in love.

“We have known ourselves as kids that grew up in the same area. Just like that and nothing more. Then my team went to play a game in Uyo where I met her again,” Oni told totorinews exclusively.


“We got talking and there was this flow among us which led to a relationship and we decided to take it to a more serious level by our engagement.


Joy Uweh


“And I’m happy that I have proposed to my fiancee to marry her and gladly accepted my engagement ring. We are happy loving each other, he said.


Joy Uweh, the fiancee who hails from Delta state also revealed that she had been a secret admirer of the footballer growing up as a kid in Abuja, but not until youth service took her to Uyo that she really had the opportunity of becoming very close to him, thereby falling in love with the Kogi -born attacker.


Smiles of love, Joy


“I have known him as a kid. I used to admire him from far then and we were just friends. We met again when I was doing my N.Y.S.C  at Uyo and I think we kind of discovered that we are in love,” she said smiling.

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